If you find it necessary that your village barber should reach the attainments of the barber from Madras, you may train him to that. When the mind is completely filled with His spirit one cannot harbor ill-will or hatred towards any one had reciprocally the enemy will shed his enmity and become a friend. It must be in clear response to the spirit which hungers for it. Similarly, most political discipline would be analysed by Gandhi as being innately violent, as it actually engages us in a world of “antagonistic adversarial relations” (Allen 296). And when may we believe the heart to be pure? I suggest that this is simply slavery to the palate, rather than mastery over it. But if you do not retaliate but stand your ground between your charge and the opponent, simply receiving the blows without retaliating, what happens? ... Concept of discipline: His concept of discipline is based on self - control. It is in itself independent of any sensuous effort. According to Berton, “[s]ince himsa (violence) degrades and corrupts man, to meet force with force and hatred with hatred only increases man’s progressive degeneration” (23). This essay’s aim is to describe the basic principles of ahimsa (non-violence) as it was introduced by Gandhi and bring to light one very important aspect of his teachings, the fact that violence is not only its obvious and apparent physical form, but can also be economic, ethical, political, psychological and educational and the only way for these to be eradicated is through peaceful manifestations. To feel that we are something is to set up a barrier between God and ourselves; to cease feeling that we are something is to become one with god. Silence All these can be derived from truth. If we harbor even this thought, we commit a breach of Ahimsa. I venture to suggest that it is the fundamental law of Nature without exception, that she produces enough for our wants from day to day, and if everybody took enough for himself and nothing more, there would be no pauperism, there would be no man dying of starvation in this world. This principle is really a part of Non-stealing. Ashram Observances in Action, (1959), pp. Discipline, even more than great intellect, can help us reach our objectives, according to Mahatma Gandhi. Untouchability is a blot that Hinduism today carries with it. In practicing the relational values of non violence we seek to recuperate and renew ourselves, become the change we want to see in the world and eventually demonstrate that people, organizations and governments can move the world toward love and peace pro-actively. As food is necessary for the body, prayer is necessary for the soul. He had to suffer a lot for thus speaking the truth, but he delighted in it and said that truth is its own reward. According to Gandhiji “literacy is neither the beginning nor the end of education. According to Gandhi, the main aim of religion is to make a one-on-one interac­tion between God and humans. Be that as it may, this is what is placed before those who come to the Ashram. Even when we know a proposition, its corollaries have to be worked out. He thought that freedom embedded in self-discipline or inner discipline that arises spontaneously from the inner springs of life rather than that which is clamped from without is called true freedom. I can give my own testimony and say that a heartfelt prayer is undoubtedly the most potent instrument that man possesses for overcoming cowardice and all other bad old habits. Truth is not to be found by anybody who has not got an abundant sense of humility. His philosophies of ahimsa and satyagraha, meaning non violence and non violent resistance respectively as a form of civil resistance and disobedience is one of the most prominent and most renowned for its massive implementations throught history. Man can be saved from injuring society, as well as himself, only if he sustains his physical existence by physical labour. I visited a Trappist monastery in South Africa. Perfect purity of heart, therefore, is the final stage. Faith in order to be of any value has to survive the severest trials. One with a wicked heart can never be conscious of the all-purifying presence of God. Moreover, to use the word Brahmacharya in a narrow sense is to detract from its value. Man is a fallible being. Printed by : N. M. Kothari at Rang Bharati, If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Faith Self-purification therefore must mean purification in all the walks of life. If a man comes from Bombay here and offers you wares, you are not justified in supporting the Bombay merchant so long as you have got a merchant at your very door, born and bred in Madras. that prayer is the very core of man’s life, as it is the most vital part of religion. God demands nothing less than complete self-surrender as the price for the only real freedom that is worth having. You will have to pass many a sleepless night, and go through many a mental torture and agony before you can reach, before you can even be within measureable distance of this goal. There may be momentary rest in store for the drop which is separated from the ocean, but not for the drop in the ocean, which knows no rest. 140-41. The doctrine of Ahimsa tells us that we may guard the honour of those who are in our charge by delivering ourselves into the hands of the man who would commit the sacrilege. Originally it was taken to relieve the sense of pressure. I cannot recall a moment in my life when I had a sense of desertion by God. We did not bestow on it the care that we did on other matters. If one is broken all are. But so long as we have got this inequality, so long we are stealing, I am no socialist, and I do not want to dispossess those who have got possessions; but I do say that those of us who want to see light out of darkness have to follow this rule in their own lives. Take care of the vital thing and other things will take care of themselves. But it is like a man saying that he breathes but that he has no nose. All his experiments in ahimsa had taught him that nonviolence in practice means common labour with the body. XII, p. 376. For it is so obvious. If we want to listen to the still small voice that is always speaking within us, it will not be heard if we continually speak.” I understood that precious lesson. Silence of the sewn-up lips is no silence. All rights reserved. Speech Before Inter-Asian Relations Conference, 11. India Ahimsa For the sake of Truth, he dared to oppose his own father, and he defended himself, not by retaliation, by paying his father back in his own coin, but in defence of Truth as he knew it, he was prepared to die without caring to return the blows that he received from his father or from those who were charged with his father’s instructions. But so far as my own life has to be regulated, I do say that I dare not possess anything which I do not need. But truth, as it is conceived here, means that we have to rule our life by this law of Truth at any cost. He who has achieved that faith wants nothing. In either case the ultimate result is the same. © Navajivan Trust, 1969. But a fancied breach of Brahmacharya excites wrath and worse. The body may either be a play-ground of passion, or a temple of self-realization. Rectify on angle of a square, and the other angles will be automatically right. We hardly recognize the necessity of observing them. True faith is appropriation of the reasoned experience of people whom we believe to have lived a life purified by prayer and penance. The main principles of Gandhian non violence are respect for other people, understanding, acceptance of the differences of others, appreciating and celebrating diversity, truth and truthfulness, dealing with untruth wherever one finds it, and soaking up pain and agony from any altercation with untruth. Prayer is like any other action. Print. The movie provides the viewers with the principles, practices, […], First there was hostility, blood, vandalism, looting, pillaging, and then there was Gandhi. The term Satyagraha is largely associated with […], The 1982 film about Mahatma Gandhi, simply titled “Gandhi,” became one of the few efforts that successfully explored significant worldwide issues. The discipline to be patient, to strive and work, or to accept temporary defeat must all be present in order to lead others. The Salt March, also known as the Salt Satyagraha, Dandi March and the Dandi Satyagraha, was an act of nonviolent civil disobedience in colonial India led by Mahatma Gandhi. It was because of his liking that heprojected Nehruon the national scene. Introduction to An Autobiography, (1966), p. 11. Who knows the perishable nature of flesh from the imperishable nature of the Spirit, instinctively knows that self-realization is impossible without self-discipline and self-restraint. If we would serve Him or become one with Him, our activity must be as unwearied as His. Those who want to perform national service, or those who want to have a glimpse of real religious life, must lead a celibate life, no matter whether married or unmarried. Non-stealing and non-possession are rarely mentioned. I suggest that we are thieves in a way. Apart therefore from its bearing on man’s condition after death, prayer has incalculable value for man in this world of the living. To see the universal and all-pervading spirit of Truth face to face one must be able to love the meanest of creation as oneself. All these different kinds of violence, according to Gandhi, can be done away with only through peaceful manifestations and the employment of non violence. Let everyone try and find that, as a result of daily prayer, he adds something new to his life, something with which nothing can be compared. Non-stealing It includes full control over the process of reproduction. Non-violence means reliance on God, the Rock of Ages. One may achieve the same result by chopping off one’s tongue, but that too would not be silence. But it must be combined with the utmost humility. Gandhi on Non Violence: A Selection from the Writings of Mahatma Gandhi. Truth and the like perhaps admit of measurement, but not humility. Now I come to the next thing, viz. Its grandeur lies in its majestic lowliness. Do you suppose that it is a sign of civilization, a sign of real life that we should multiply our eatables so far that we do not even know where we are and seek dish after dish until at last we have become absolutely mad and run after the newspaper sheets which give us advertisements about these dishes? No act of mine is done without prayer. It is well to bear in mind that all the disciplines are of equal importance. It is to my mind a curse that has come to us, and so long as that curse remains with us, so long I think we are bound to hold that every affliction that we labour under in this sacred land is a fit and proper punishment for this great crime that we are committing. You and I, who ought to know better, must adjust our wants, and even undergo voluntary starvation, in order that they may be fed and clothed. He who would sacrifice his life for others has hardly time to reserve for himself a place in the sun. A drop in the ocean partakes of the greatness of its parent, although it is unconscious of it. I have not the slightest doubt that prayer is an unfailing means of cleansing the heart of passions. Society will not appreciate it, and he himself will fail to reap any benefit from it. I found, throughout my wanderings in India, that India, educated India is seized with a paralyzing fear. Prayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening. He can never be sure of his steps. This section contains selctions from Gandhiji's writings and speeches about education. If you would ask Him to help you, you would go to Him in all your nakedness, approach Him without reservations, also without fear or doubts as to how He can help a fallen being like you. If you would swim on the bosom of the ocean of Truth you must reduce yourself to zero. 136-7. Prayer If a man who keeps observances is proud of keeping them, they will lose much, if not all of their value. It is ideal which we have to reach, and it is an ideal to be reached even at this very moment I few were capable of doing so. According to Gandhiji, “Like without religion is life without principles. There must be something seriously wrong with a society in which values are exaggerated and underestimated. 30 May 2012. But life is complex. In this respect we have to refer to Gandhi's true words: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win".4 CONCLUSION In this research paper, based on the importance of education for values, it was aimed to examine Mahatma Gandhi and his realistic views, who was a role model in education areas for value and peace. An unbroken succession of world teachers since the beginning of time have borne testimony to the same. Ashram Observances in Action, (1959), pp. He was comparatively a stranger. But I may be told that the incident, after all, proves the genteelity of the nation. Silent communion will help them to experience an undisturbed peace in the midst of turmoil, to curb anger and cultivate patience. Literally, the name of Rama, recitation of God’s name. And I must confess that I immediately said yes; I agreed with that statement. I do not want to dispossess anybody, for I should then be departing from the rule of Ahimsa. 134-35. This then is the first rule. Based on this notion, Berton argues that non violence is one of the most valuable beliefs when it comes to public action, because it matches up to man’s instinctive craving for peace, justice, freedom etc. Prayer is the first and the last lesson in learning the noble and the brave art of sacrificing self in the various walks of life culminating the defence of one’s nations liberty and honour. Gandhi was successful in understanding the spirit of other religions, especially by virtue of being a Hindu. That does not mean that we practice this doctrine in its entirety. Physical labour is essential for the observance of Non-stealing and Non-possession. The knowledge of them has made me feel humiliated though not defeated. I saw there not to my dismay,—though it should be to my dismay,—but I am used to it now, that there are so many kitchens, not kitchens that are established in order to serve caste restrictions but kitchens that have become necessary in order that people can have the condiments and the exact weight of the condiments to which they are accustomed in the places from which they have come. And purification being highly infectious, purification of oneself necessarily leads to the purification of one’s surroundings. He is truly silent who, having the capacity to speak, utters no idle word. Gandhiji thought that the highest form of discipline came through self-control and self-discipline. He there fore who hungers for the awakening of the divine in him must fall back on prayer. Published by : Shantilal H. Shah Therefore like naturalists, Gandhi also advocated freedom for the child. And if you want to follow the vow of Truth in any shape or form, you must be fearless. If we would seek His aid, we must approach Him with a humble and contrite heart... We must act, even as the mango tree which droops as It bears fruit. Ashram Observances in Action, (1959), pp. Special offer for LiteratureEssaySamples.com readers. The story of Vasistha and Vishvamitra furnishes a very good case in point. 139-40. And now I feel as though I was naturally built for silence. Thomas Berton, having dedicated his life being drawn into a dialogue between Eastern and Western religions and viewpoints, has made a lot of research on the matter. As soon as we become one with the ocean in the shape of God, there is no more rest for us, nor indeed do we need rest any longer. But the path of self-purification is hard and steep. One aspect of Gandhi’s philosophy that is universally unfamiliar is that of the multidimensionality of violence. I then suggest to you that there is only one Being,—if Being is the proper term to be used,—whom we have to fear, and that is God. Mahatma Gandhi told Howard Thurman that nonviolence was the “greatest and activist force in the world… Without direct active expression of it, nonviolence to my mind is meaningless.” Thurman pressed Gandhi, in the words of scholar Sudarshan Kapur, “to explain how to train individuals and communities in nonviolent resistance. A Code of Conduct for Governors and Ministers, 71. It is goal, and nothing less than that, you and I have to reach, if we want to understand what religious life means. The sordid everyday world is too much with them. He is ever bright, never slothful. It has no time for the other. Eat simple food in the right quantity Gandhi was a great proponent of simple food and discipline. Hence they are inscrutable. Mahatma Gandhi Essay for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and others. Todi Estate, For infallible guidance man has to have a perfectly innocent heart incapable of evil. I have never found Him lacking in response. Gandhi was a man of incredible self-discipline and strength of will. Patanajali has described five disciplines. After, however, I had practiced it for some time I saw the spiritual value of it. Pray notice the guarded nature of this thought. Many of you have burnt midnight oil in solving those problems. The other man is filled with wrath and indignation, and you have made him more angry by matching your violence against his; and when he has done you to death, the rest of his violence is delivered against your charge. But he immediately out of politeness, I would call it over-politeness, said that there was no private conversation and that he (the other friend) could join. The deeper the search in the mine of truth the richer the discovery […], Specific Purpose: To commemorate the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Central Idea/Thesis Statement: Gandhi is considered to be one of the most influential and admired individual who played an important part […], The word ‘Satya’ means ‘Truth’ and ‘Graha’ means ‘Force’, Satyagraha therefore means ‘Truth force’ or the force obtained by the practice of truth. Eating, drinking and indulging in passion we share in common with the animals; but have you ever seen a horse or a cow indulging in the abuse of the palate as we do? True meditation consists in closing the eyes and ears of the mind to all else except the object of one’s devotion. That faith is nothing but a living, wide awake consciousness of God within. A man without faith is like drop thrown out of the ocean bound to perish. Control of the Palate Is it strange that one who is able completely to conserve and sublimate the vital fluid which has the potentiality of creating human beings, should exhibit all the attributes described above? Anyone for whom I have true love will not misunderstand my intentions or words, nor will such a one bear ill-will to me. And so you find, in the Bhagwadgita, fearlessness is designated the first essential quality of a good man. Those who join the Ashram have literally to accept that meaning. After all that would be a poor defence of honour. And for this age the five have been expanded into eleven. Ever since my return to India I have had experiences of the dormant passions lying hidden within me. The eleven vows of Mahatma Gandhi are … A man may chant Ramanama6, or tell his beads all day long, and move in society like a sage; but if he is selfish at heart, he is not meek, but only hypocritical. However, as Allen correctly points out, such severe explicit violence only comprises a minute quantity of the violence that ought to be dealt with (295). 130-134. As discussed in “Indian Home Rule” […], “Truth is like a vast tree, which yields more and more fruit, the more you nurture it. According to Douglas Allen, “interpreters of violence”, center on obvious demonstrations, such as murdering, injuring, rape etc. The seeker after the truth should be humbler than the dust. Who can measure the creative strength of such sublimation, one drop of which has the potentiality of bringing into being a human life? Ahemadabad-380014 Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most influential people in history and fittingly has a place in the pantheon of the visionaries who changed the world. The little fleeting glimpses, therefore, that I have been able to have of Truth can hardly convey an idea of the indescribable luster of Truth, a million times more intense than that of the sun we daily see with our eyes. Send him to Madras by all means, if you wish, in order that he may learn his calling. They may appear quite impossible to an arrogant person, and quite possible to an innocent child. Prayer is either petitional or in its wider sense is inward communion. The name, Mahatma Gandhiji stimulates the image of truth personified, who has been revered by masses and classes similarly. Inertia must not be mistaken for humility, as it has been in Hinduism. Concept of Discipline and Gandhi. I must reduce myself to zero. I.S.B.N :81-7229-008-X Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most influential people in history and fittingly has a place in […]. He will not even suffer from so much as a headache. Literally Ahimsa means non-killing. Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and everything will be added unto you. He is principal of a college and has been in India for several years.